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photo by Jared Charney                                  

  My name is Rick Ashley. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, I now reside in Marblehead, Massachusetts. I grew up in an automobile dealership, studied latin for six years in high school, graduated from Trinity College studying religion, philosophy, and music, rendering me unemployable.

    I began as a commercial photographer in the late seventies. After a studio fire in 2003, I began teaching at Boston University’s CDIA and was a program director for six years. At a certain age you realize that you are, in large part, what you do. I do not remember when I took my first photograph, but I remember getting my first “serious” camera in 1969. Now, after 35 years of commercial work, translating the ideas of others into photographs, I use photography to learn more about how I see and think photographically.


Curiculum Vitae